What about the game?

2016-09-03 11:46:08 by VIPGamingPassYT

If you read my first post, you're probably wondering, "Hey, what happened to Puzzle Juvenile?" Well, I am working on it. However, games are hard to complete in my opinion. Songs, not so much. So don't worry, it's coming. However, maybe not soon...

Listen to this!

2016-06-24 07:37:42 by VIPGamingPassYT

Hey there! One quick announcment: I have uploaded 2 songs to NewGrounds! They're called "Techno Error" and "Inside". Don't forget to check them out!


2016-05-23 15:37:22 by VIPGamingPassYT

Hello! Welcome to my page everyone! I am VIPGamingPassYT. As the end of the name suggests, I am a YouTuber. If you want to check it out, my channel name is V.I.P. Gaming Pass.

Anyways, the only news I have at the moment is that I'm making a point - and - click game! It will be called Puzzle Juvenile. In many ways it will be like Riddle School, except one main diiference: You're trying to escape Juvenile Detention, not school!

Now that's pretty much all! Feel free to check out my page and follow me too! Bye!